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JO office furniture sales chain organization is an organization that predominantly franchise chain. Chain organization generally refers to similar goods or services of a number of enterprises, under the core enterprise organization, management, use the same trademark and trade name, the implementation of unified, standardized operation and management system, and in the form of certain form a consortium. According to certain organization form and operating system management, operation chain organization is called chain operation. Franchise chain operation is a kind of organization form, charter party and is a kind of contractual relationship between Xu Fang, chartered direction by Xu Fang provides has the property rights of trademark, trade name, business technology and business model, and gives the corresponding training, by Xu Fang get right to the use by pay fees. Giant's office furniture sales chain organization is huge across European companies and huge European office furniture store of the unicorporated organizations (hereinafter referred to as the store). Big European company as a giant European office furniture sales chain organization sponsors, organizers and administrators, the exercise of giant European office furniture sales chain organization headquarters (hereinafter referred to as "headquarters") function, the giant European chain organization management of all office furniture sales. Stores as a member of the big European office furniture sales chain organization must abide by the headquarters of the management system, and accept the supervision of the headquarters, management and guidance. Giant between the company and store is a kind of linked by contract relations of cooperation. According to the requirements of the chain operation, unified by the big European company formulated the management system and service standards, giant's office furniture sales chain all members abide by the implementation. To sum up, mainly including the following aspects:

1, unified image

Stores have unified store image and the layout of the shop, unified use of trademark, trade name and a color and shelf (open), as well as the standard partition of the shop; Otherwise uniform envelopes, letterhead, business CARDS, publicity for post CI identification system. Headquarters is responsible for the nationwide unified brand image promotion.

2, unified supply

Unified organization of the headquarters of replenish onr's stock. Headquarters to take advantage of the scale of the entire organization, reduce the purchase cost, strengthen the price advantage, to share the benefits of scale operation. In addition, based on store enters sells saves the summary and analysis of data, regulate we adopted, reduce inventory risk.

3, unified quality

Headquarters provide quality standard unified goods store. Unified organization replenish onr's stock is the guarantee of quality standards. Enter the store goods shall is filtered and the quality pass, has certain market potential.

4, unified price

Giant's office furniture sales chain organization unified price policy. Based on stores unified price of supply and price protection, boutique executive headquarters unified price policy.

5, unified service

Giant's office furniture sales chain organizations have a unified service standards and norms of the shop, all staff must strictly abide by the execution, provides the high-quality service for customers, to ensure that the "giant's" brand good social image.

6, unified examination

Headquarters, according to the relevant provisions of the giant's office furniture sales chain organization, supervise the operation and management activities of the stores and assessment, to ensure the effective operation of the entire organization.